At the Bluebird, we take great pride in being a restaurant where fresh comes first. We make our own desserts and dressings, cut our own homegrown vegetables, and hand pat every burger. Food made from scratch with high-quality ingredients is our top priority. We are strong believers in the ethical treatment of animals and advocates for sustainable farming practices. We partner with Marksbury Farm and other local farmers to bring you the freshest and highest quality meats and vegetables available. We stand behind our commitment to our customers and pledge that you will not only know right where your meal came from, but you will also feel good about eating it.

Food sensitivity? Gluten-free tortillas are available as a bread substitute. Not all dishes are available gluten-free, so be sure to ask if you have any questions. We produce all types of food, so keep that in mind when addressing your allergies. We’ll do our best to accommodate any sensitivities, just let us know how we can help!

salad with cup of dressing


Our menu features Southern-inspired originals with a signature Bluebird spin.


In 2012, Chef William B. Hawkins partnered with Jess and Angela Correll to open The Bluebird Cafe.


Ordering our chef-prepared unique lunch and dinner classics can be done with just a few clicks!

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